Youth Program 2023


Nipun Sachdev

Coach Zora is too good for youngsters. Not only he focuses on the game but overall fitness and personality of each player.

Faheem Mazher

We are extremely fortunate to have Zora and Thuli coach our boys. They are passionate about cricket and instill great values in our kids like teamwork, honesty, responsibility, resilience etc. I am very pleased that they focus a lot on fitness and healthy habits and push our kids hard to reach their potential. Thanks so much Mississauga Dolphins!

Liza Kamran

Zora is a wonderful Coach! He takes coaching very seriously. Zora puts a lot of time and effort into this coaching. He is dedicated to his athletes. He delivers constructive & informative feedback to his athletes. He creates an environment that enforces athletes’ optimal learning & progress. A coach is one of the key factors that keep athletes/students motivated. Coach Zora is great role model!

Shaveta Prabhakar Joshi

Thank you Zora Sir for your training and guidance !! We are already noticing a positive change in our children. Not sure how but our children started asking/wanted to eat fruits & vegetables over junk food .. they themselves started doing regular exercise and preparing for the zozo tests. They enjoy the cricket program and schedule you follow and always wait for the day! I wish you all the best and thanks to you for your encouragement which will help to bring better and healthy tomorrow!!

Aman Preet

Great experience!! Professional, focus on fitness