Mississauga Dolphins Host Players Meet & Greet

On July 9, 2018, The Mississauga Dolphins Cricket Club hosted a Meet and Greet Event consisting 4 International Cricket Players at the Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid’s office for the Community of Mississauga. 

With Media Channels such as Sports Trends, Canada One, Z9 Digital and Toronto 360 TV, this event was on its way to becoming a great event. 

The players present were Muhammad Irfan (Pakistan), Hassan Khan (Pakistan U19), Fawad Ahmed (Australia) and our local talent Muhammad Umair Ghani. 

To begin the event Iqra Khalid and our own Uzair Minhas introduced the attendees who the players were and what they’re here for. The players were here to take part in the Global T20 Canada Tournament which Fawad Ahmed and the Vancouver Knights claimed in its inaugural season defeating the Cricket West Indies B Team. The event couldn’t have been better as the players spoke about their experience thus far and what they think about what this beautiful city has to offer. 

MP Iqra Khalid spoke about an important topic which nowadays is extremely popular and looked at in the world of sports and that is of the involvement of Women in sports. Many of the players also spoke highly of the subject and provided the infrastructure on females participating in cricket in their respected countries. Australia’s Fawad Ahmed also spoke about a Women cricket team reaching out to a cricket team here in Mississauga in support and growth of Women’s Cricket in the GTA. This is a huge incentive and to grow a sport in your area, everyone needs to be involved to grow the game. 

The event moved onto some Q and A’s which was super interactive with the fans from the community that came out to the event which then led onto the final stage of the Meet and Greet which were pictures and autographs from the players. 

Once the Media and Fans rolled out, our club hosted the Players, MP Iqra Khalid, members of her office and our club players to a Dinner. Many other players joined us at our Dinner which made the event even better. 

Players to Join us at the Dinner were Sikander Raza (Zimbabwe), Babar Hayat (Hong Kong), Rohan Mustafa (UAE), Nizakat Khan (Hong Kong), Mohammad Naveed (UAE), Shaimam Anwar (UAE), and another Local talent Salman Nazar. 

The Dinner went well with the players enjoying the food and our players having one on one time with the international all stars, learning different techniques from them and getting their advice on how to become a better player. After the event, speaking to some of our guys, we asked what they thought of the event we held, everyone had great things to say about the event and look forward to many more ahead. 

“The meet and greet was a very excited event for cricket fans young and old, especially because of the fact that the only exposure Canadians get to International Cricket is through their TV screens.” said Ashad Khan, one of the promising juniors in our club. 

When asked what they’ve learned through the players that they got to meet and spend time with, most of them, if not all, had the same answer. With the of our players driving the stars to our event, Saad Ahmed learned a few things from driving Fawad Ahmed. “Fawad told me one thing which will definitely help me become a better cricketer and that was about mental strength. He told me that as a player it is important that you just ignore and eliminate any thoughts which is not related to what your job is as a cricketer on the field. especially the negativity and always believe in yourself.” said Saad. The common thing most of our players learned was controlling your mental strength, you have to be positive throughout your play to receive positive results. Another member of our club Toaha Hashmi when asked upon had to say, “The food was good and it was very nice to get the MP involved as well. This was important in getting the community involved to grow the game of cricket, here in Canada.” 

Lastly we asked our Board of Directors Member and one of the most senior player Taha Usmani, going forward with events like these, what stars he would like to see and changes in our events, he had to say, “I would like to focus on more interaction with our local talents. I really like how we brought in Umair Ghani to be a part of this Meet and Greet and to have him say some words about the future of Cricket in Canada.” he continued, “I think visibility is huge and the broader market we can appeal to, the better it is. Maybe trying to get people from cricket and other sports together would help with the process as well.” 

We would like to thank MP Iqra Khalid and her team for providing the hospitality and for teaming up with us to host such a successful event. We appreciate everything that the office has done for us and we look forward to many more events ahead.