Division 3: Dolphins Vs Toronto Lead CC Preview

The Mississauga Dolphins Division 3 team coming into this game sit in 3rd place in their Division currently and are looking to leap frog Toronto Lead Cricket Club with a win against them this Saturday at Caledonia Cricket Ground South.

With the previous game being called off due to permit issues, the two teams will look to go play their 3rd final game of their season series.

The Mississauga Dolphins keys to victory are to keep the pressure going against their opponent specially after each wicket as last time these two teams played the Dolphins took their foot of the gas and Toronto Lead CC gained momentum to have a long partnership right after.

The Toronto Lead CC need to make sure to continue batting like they did their previous meeting and to apply pressure on the batsmen by having a large total for them to chase. Toronto Lead CC have to be a strong club on the field as any drop catches or miss field will be very costly.

We wish both teams the best of luck.