Division 3: Dolphins Vs Ramblers Preview

The Division 3 Mississauga Dolphins squad seemed to struggle early in the season but not have left that struggle behind them and find themselves in the midst of a 5 game win streak. The Dolphins will look to push for 6 wins in a row as they face off against their rival the Mississauga Ramblers.

The Dolphins have been extremely successful in the past month and the players have been performing exceptionally well in all aspects of the game including batting, bowling and fielding. If the Dolphins choose to continue their success, keeping the momentum with them, they will find themselves successful in this game as well. With the season now winding down and the Playoffs inching closer, a win here will help the Dolphins chances of clinching the 1 seed for the Playoffs.

The keys to victory for the Dolphins is to continue replicating their success as it has been working greatly for them as they look to win 6 straight.

The keys to victory for the Ramblers will be to play calm and try not to get under pressure as in the past, they have had collapses in their batting order costing them the game. The Ramblers also need to be sharp in the field as any chance given to the Dolphins batsmen can prove to be costly as they have all been in great form recently. If the Ramblers choose to stick to the basics and apply that in all forms of the game, they will be successful.

We wish both teams the best of luck.