Division 1: Dolphins vs. Stallions CC Preview

The Division 1 Mississauga Dolphins will look to continue their success from week 1 in trying to go 2-0 on the season against the Stallions CC. Coming off of a dominating performance, the Dolphins will travel to Sunnybrook park for their game at 3:00pm.

Still early in the season, Dolphins will look to experiment early on and see who they can utilize later on in the season and who the team can depend on. Stallions coming off a 22 run loss against the Royal Sluggers, they look to regain momentum in the season by trying to win this game. With great individual performances, Stallions will need to look out for slowing down the top orders scoring pace. Early wickets would be great for them and scoring a high total would also be in their favour as early in the season not every player has been tested.

Players to look out for are Dhruv Patel and Syed Abbas with the bat while Hamza Hameed will look to continue to rack up his wickets total in this game.

Best of luck to both teams!